Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting Design

Please contact us for testing of emergency lighting, advice or a free quotation.

Self Test Fittings

It is recommended that emergency light fittings are tested monthly by a competent person to ensure they are working reliably, this can be a time consuming task. Newer, self test emergency light fittings carry out automatic and regular testing without disruption to normal use of the building. Self test emergency light fittings are far more efficient and reliable than manual testing, and can help save time and money.

LED Lighting

The majority of modern emergency lighting is LED based, which has many advantages over older technology.

The efficiency of LEDs means that modern emergency lighting uses less energy and requires a smaller battery to provide emergency lighting for the same duration. Smaller battery lower the maintenance costs.

LED emergency lights are significantly smaller, allowing slim line designs and newer styles of emergency lighting, such as pin spot emergency lights, which are nearly invisible when not activated and work very well with a decorative lighting scheme.

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